Yemen Is Suffering and the World Is Silent

Yemen Is Suffering and the World Is Silent

June 15, 2020

Yemen is suffering the BIGGEST humanitarian crisis in the world and NEEDS our help.

Yemeni civilians are facing the largest humanitarian crisis in the world today. An estimated 18 million people, 60% of the population, are food-insecure and need emergency assistance. 16 million people do not have regular access to safe water for basic hygiene and survival. Death tolls have risen above 10,000, a third of which are children. Two million people are internally displaced as they flee in a desperate search for safety. The conflict has resulted in 1.8million children now suffering from acute malnutrition, and over 1 million pregnant and breastfeeding women are malnourished according to the United Nations.

How can you help? Click here for places to donate and petitions to sign. Also, don't forget to spread awareness! We need to make sure they are heard and we need to come together to help in any way.

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