The End of Ramadan & The Beginning of Eid

The End of Ramadan & The Beginning of Eid

June 10, 2018

The holy month of Ramadan is quickly coming to an end and we hope this month overflowed with peace and joy. Ramadan has a certain magic to it that radiates throughout the entire month.
‘Adios’ to Ramadan means it’s time to prepare for our favourite time of the year - Eid! To enhance your Eid shopping experience, Noomi will having 15% off sitewide sale.
The sale will begin on June 10th and end of June 20 with the coupon code EID15. Very limited quantities apply, so purchase yours before it’s gone!
Let’s not forget that although the month of giving has come to an end, there are still people across the world that are in dire need of assistance. Despite what religion you choose to believe in, the act of helping the less fortunate requires no particular faith. Every little bit counts! We’ll be doing our part and giving away 10% of our profits to charities across the Middle East.

Call to action: if you have a specific charity in mind that you are passionate about, email us at and let’s have a chat about it!

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