Noomi Launch Party

Noomi Launch Party

March 27, 2018

March 25th marked the launch of a Middle Eastern fashion apparel company - Noomi. Guests were welcomed at the soft opening of the new brand where products were showcased in-person and on screen. Folks got the chance to hear from the brand owner - Nadia Rassoul - who shared her story about how the brand came to be. Born into a family of entrepreneurs and successful businesses, Nadia was no stranger to this world. At a very young age she familiarized herself with business jargon, basic concepts and fundamental processes. Her vision was to dissect the Middle East and implement small traditional pieces into modern, contemporary clothing.

Amongst her immediate bestsellers included the NOOR sweater (features a girl wearing a Tarboosh), Evil eye pin and “Habibi” beanie. The audience consisted of people of all ages, as her brand is open to everyone. Noomi products are carefully created to capture uniqueness while spreading an overarching empowering message.

Guests got the chance to mingle and snack on traditional Middle Eastern sweets. The venue was decorated with authentic touches from ‘back home’. People got the opportunity to learn about the different cultures while engaging female empowerment via the images crafted onto the products.

The room was filled with happy chatter and eager faces; excited to make their first purchases. The e-commerce brand launched their website and online shop that same evening featuring all the pop culture products.

Check out and get your hands on your favourite items - some already running low in stock!

Written by Lyan Khazanchi  
26th March, 2018
Photos by Ingrid Forster

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